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Tool and Cutter Grinding Services Malaysia

As an industry leader in Malaysia, KW Grind provides unparalleled Tool and Cutter Grinding Services to its customers. For more than 37 years, our company delights customers from various industries with our precise and cost-effective machinery used in cutter grinding services. One of the core component involved in ensuring highly accurate cutter grinding is the bottom slitter knives. The bottom slitter knives used in our machines are made from hardened steel. Thanks to its brilliantly engineered design, it produces a dustless slitting process when used for tool and cutter grinding services.

The bottom slitter knife work together with the top slitter knife to increase the efficiency during cutter grinding. As our slitter knife is made of superior material, it lasts much longer than typical competing slitter knives in the industry. Its wear-resistant characteristic means it will be in service for a lengthy period before being replaced.

KW Grind believes in providing the best Cutter Grinding Services to its customers. With our state-of-the-art knife grinding machines, we can serve customers in various industries at our best capability. We will turn any industrial knives, cutters, and blades sharp again with the aid of our highly trained experts.

Every single cutter that is sent to KW grind for grinding go through a standardized procedure to ensure that they are inspected thoroughly before and after grinding. This ensures the cutters are not only returned to its original sharpness but also safe to be used again. Our relentless pursuit of customer service excellence and proven track record made us a reliable tool and cutter grinding services provider in the country.

KW Grind-Tech Bottom Slitter Knives