• KW Grind Sharpening Knife

    ❲ Since 1978 ❳

    KW Grind has been the trusted company in providing our customers with industrial knife sharpening services in Malaysia. We took pride in turning industrial knives to its full sharpness through our detailed knife sharpening process on top of being a knife sharpener supplier. Our cost-effective and reliable services have attracted loyal customers from different industries.

  • KW Grind Expert Sharpening

    ❲ Sharpening Experts ❳

    Every single knife that is entrusted to us undergoes a series of procedure undertaken by our team of knife sharpening experts. The knives are visually inspected before sandblasting machines clean them. Once the specks of dirt or grime are removed, our personnel will ensure that any defects are spotted prior to sharpening.

  • KW Grind Team Works

    ❲ Our Professionalism & Team Spirit ❳

    Our team would then offer their professional opinions if the knives can be sharpened or a replacement is needed. If sharpening the knives is feasible, our knife grinding services will be applied to turn dull knives sharp again. The entire process is done with care to ensure the knives’ safety is not compromised once they are returned to our customer.

  • KW Grind Grinding Machine

    ❲ No Compromises ❳

    KW Grind has continuously invested in the latest industrial knife grinder machines and improved its operating process. You’ll find that engaging our industrial knife sharpening services is a hassle-free experience. Besides saving your time by picking up and delivering the knives to your premise, we also prioritize urgent demands.


We're expert for sharpening industries knife by Japan grinding machine and technology with our best competitive cost in the market. Upon arrival at our KW Grind-Tech facility, all machine knives will go through the following process and quality check before being returned.

KW Grind-Tech Checking Department

❯ Knife Checking Services.

First, we will check every knives before starting the regrinding services by our experience and professional team.

KW Grind-Tech Cleaning Process

❯ The Cleaning Process.

All knives are thoroughly cleaned by sand blasting or hand polishing. It's important to have a fully clean stable surface for the rest of the process & to ensure you could get the best sharpening and cutting.

KW Grind-Tech Inspection Process

❯ The Inspection.

Every knives are thoroughly inspected for a cracks and nicks. When a knife is found to be damaged or worn too far, we will contact you to advice and in many cases can send you a new knife for replacement.

KW Grind-Tech Grinding Process

❯ Knife Grinding Process.

With our knowledge of metallurgy and grinding abrasives allows us to choose the correct combination to give you a superior cutting edge. Some companies will (Burn the Steel); which can make the edge brittle and then take a (Clean-up Pass) to hide it.

KW Grind-Tech Care & Support

❯ Our Care & Support.

KW Grind-Tech provides efficient delivery services and with a quick turn-around, it usually take up to 3-4 working days in our plant and rush orders are easily accommodated, even same on day service !

KW Grind-Tech Trusted Services

❯ The Most Trusted Grinding Services.

At KW Grind-Tech, we fully understood how to grind your knives with safer and better, therefore we provide a good wear resistant edge that will be last longer. Our wide variety of equipment allows us to sharpen most of the industrial knives with trust.

KW Grind-tech Delivery & Support

Our Delivery & Support

KW Grind-Tech is offering individual inventories along side pick-up and deliver services to you within designated areas.

We're friendly to meet your delivery & service requirement.