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Rotary cutter, as its name implies, comes with a circular cutting blade that rotates during the cutting process. The rotating motion of the blade is able to cut through a wide range of materials such as paper, fabric, film, sheet and the like. The rotary cutter can be applied in a myriad of cutting tasks.

With KW Grind, you can be sure you are getting the best quality rotary cutter in Malaysia. They come in a variety of sizes for different types of cutting jobs. For instance, smaller sizes are used to cut smaller curves whereas the bigger sizes are meant to make broader curves as well as straight cuts.

Our each and every rotary shear cutter is manufactured using high quality materials so as to offer excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. Further, the rotary blades are meticulously designed and made to retain their sharpness, even after years of use. Even so, you could get a professional knife sharpener from us or engage our cutter grinding services to restore its sharpness when needed.

The rotary cutters that are offered by us can effortlessly cut through multiple layers of materials at once, making it more consistent in size and shape. As such, they are much needed to deliver precise and highly accurate cuts.

Apart from the functionality, our rotary cutter in Malaysia is also user-friendly and easy to use. What makes KW Grind different from others is that our rotary cutter is made with the users in mind. The rotary cutter holder is designed thoughtfully to fit well with the user’s hands and most importantly, it is suitable for right and left-handed people. Therefore, it is the best tool for everyone to achieve professional results.

KW Grind-Tech Rotary Shear Knives