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Circular saw is an electric saw, with jagged teeth on the edge of the round metal blade. The rotating motion of the saw blade is powerful enough to cut through hard and thick materials. As such, it is widely used across numerous industries.

The circular saw offered by KW Grind in Malaysia features a powerful motor to enable fast and accurate cutting. Aside from that, it offers quiet operation even at a high speed.It is also highly durable to withstand the toughest applications, making it the ideal tool to cut almost any type of materials, including metal, wood, plastic sheets and more.

Our circular saws are expertly manufactured to offer excellent performance, superb versatility, longevity, and ease of use. In addition to that, the high quality circular blade leaves a clean, smooth cut and produces virtually no heat, sparks or burr.

Most of our circular saws are well designed for greater stability and control. The height and depth of the cut can be adjusted according to your preferences and requirements. As a plus, there are different types of blades available to perform any high precision cutting job. Also, you may be surprised to find that they are easy to manoeuvre without stressing your hands. You can operate them safely and confidently.

There is no denying that our reasonably priced circular saws are the essential tools for a wide range of industrial applications. If you are looking for a high quality circular saw in Malaysia, we’ve got you covered! We also provide industrial knife grinder for sale and cutter grinding services.

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