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Trim Knife Male & Female Slotters for Corrugated Paperboard

KW Grind-tech is providing the finest quality trim knives to the corrugated industry and proud to offer an extensive inventory trim knives of male slotters and female slotters for corrugated paperboard or carton cutting in Malaysia. We also sharpen all kinds of industrial machine knives to perfection cutting. Many paper, metal, plastic, and printing industries or businesses have come to rely on KW Grind-tech for all of their knives or corrugated slotters and sharpening needs.

Using the highest quality trim knife slotters cutting tool, the “Smooth Cutting” features and combined with a sharper edge, it provides to our customers with a cleaner cuts and it's allowing for a longer lasting too.

To learn about the selection trim knives of male slotters and female slotters for your corrugated paperboard or carton board cutting, please visit us and we will guidance in selecting the right industrial knives for the right cutting jobs, and matching the right male slotters and female slotters to your needs.

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