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KW Grind-Tech supplies the most precise sheeter knives cutting tools and provides industrial knife sharpening services to the most paper industries for cut-to-length and sheeting applications in Malaysia. No matter what paper material you need to cut, we can suggest the right knife in the correct bevel and alloy you need to get the job done.

Our sheeter knives are manufactured to very close tolerances and inspected to ensure straightness and parallelism. This dedication to strict quality guidelines ensures that each of our sheeter knives maintains a strong cutting and perfectly straight and parallel cutting edge in high-speed cutting environments without sacrificing consistent cutting accuracy.

Sheeter knives use a rotary motion to affect the cutting of sheets of material to certain desired lengths. It is also called a stop cutter because at the exact point of cut, the sheet is stopped out, or cut to the exact specified length. The sheeting process generally consists of 2 blades working together. At the point of cut they work like a straight shear blade, but at all points before and after they work like a rotary blade. Simply put, our sheeter knives are of the highest quality and can give you a longer blade, leading to less downtime and more productivity.

We also supply Guillotine paper cutters for heavy duty cutting needs and paper trimmers for lighter usage. If you would like to purchase an industrial knife grinder, we’re the right knife sharpener supplier for you as our experts will be able to advise you on the most suitable knife grinder to suit your needs.

KW Grind-Tech Sheeter Knives