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Leading Knife Grinder Supplier in Malaysia

KW Grind was founded in 1978 as a knife sharpener supplier that provides top quality cutter grinding services to various industries. Since then, it established a solid reputation amongst its clients and started offering industrial knife grinders to customers that utilize them in their line of business.

Today, KW Grind is one of the leading knife grinders suppliers known for supplying premium and reliable knife grinders for sale catered to various sizes & shapes. Businesses in the printing industry find the knife grinders supplied by KW Grind do wonders in grinding the guillotine and trimmer knives back to its sharpness.

Our Success

Customers in the metal industry also rely on KW Grind to provide industrial knife grinders for commonly used saddle-stitch knives and rotary shear knives. With decades of knife grinding experience and eventually carrying the best branded industrial knives in its inventory, KW Grind distinguishes itself amongst other knife grinders suppliers.

Reliability is one of the core values that drive the team at KW Grind and this is reflected in its range of knife grinders. KW Grind team understands that a knife grinder is pivotal to the operation of businesses, particularly in the printing and metal industry. As such, each of the knife grinders is assured to have a longer operational lifespan.

Another reason why KW Grind has established itself as one of the best knife grinders suppliers is the depth of its team’s experience and the efficiency of support it provides to customers.

Our Strategy

We have earned a reputation as a premium supplier of industrial blades, knives and grinding services to customers for the past three decades.

In addition to grinding capabilities, KW offers efficient services to meet customers requirement.

Utilizing modern machinery and advanced techniques, our skilled workforce provide client with a mirror finish knife that cuts cleaner and last longer giving them a competitive edge.

Every process is under strict inspection and quality control.

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KW Grind-Tech grinding work process is playing a very important role.
We're feeling deep pleasure & satisfaction to have a strong team of experienced and good skilled workforce to provide the best professional machine knives regrinding service in Malaysia.

Our Philosophy:

We are always trying to learn & offer our customers the highest quality, innovative knives products and a comprehensive customer service. Our main focus objectives to satisfy the expectations of cusotmers, competent our customers service and care.