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Unlike consumer knives, industrial knives vary in shapes, sizes, and strengths. Physical stresses and prolonged usage may eventually cause even the best graded-knives to suffer a dip in performance. This is why seeking the best knife sharpener supplier is necessary to ensure optimal performance of the equipment.

In Malaysia, KW Grind is arguably the most reputable professional knife sharpener supplier that you can rely on to have your knives restored to its optimal condition through our knife sharpening service. With more than 3 decades of experience, KW Grind has extensive experience in the industrial knives industry. Besides offering knife grinder for sale, we also provide knife grinding service.

If you’re in the business of carpentry, industrial knife manufacturing or operate a grinding workshop, an industrial knife sharpener is essential in ensuring the knives are grinded accurately. As a supplier for the best knife sharpener in Malaysia, KW Grind offers industrial knife sharpeners for both straight and circular blades.

Our Grinding Service with Reasonable Price

When investing in an industrial knife sharpener, you’ll want to consider one that offers high grinding precision, reliable while carrying a reasonable price. These are the values that KW Grind carries in its range of industrial knife sharpeners and the reason why KW Grind is a leading supplier in the industry.

KW Grind offers more than mere knife grinders for sale. Its decades of experience in knife grinding means that you can seek professional knife grinding service support for the knife sharpeners purchased. We also provide consultation in getting the right knife sharpener for the different types of material the knife or blade is made of.

Whether you’re looking for a knife sharpener for knife and scissors, or for sharpening planer and jointer knives, KW Grind is the best knife sharpener supplier to turn to in Malaysia.

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Guillotine Knives

High Quality, Made in Japan
Trimmer Knives

Trimmer Knives

Designed for Paper Industries
Saw Blades

Saw Blades

Designed for Metal, Wood & Plastic Industries
Slitter Knives

Top & Bottom Slitter Knives

For Industrial Papers Cutting Solutions
Shear Blades

Shear Blades

Designed for Metal Cutting Industries
Plastic Knives

Crusher Knives

Specialized for Plastic Cutting Industries
KW Grind Regrinding Knives

Silicone Spray

A Premium Gold Protecting Agent
KW Grind Cutting Sticks

Cutting Sticks

Made by High Quality Rubber Materials

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